Learning from the master 2

One year ago I went to the north of Sweden to learn how to bake. Or, I had been hard core practicing for about 2 years before so it was more about testing if I am really doing it right. I went to the Woods of Wermland, to Lars Gustafssons bakery, and learned from the number one Organic sourdough baker in Sweden: Manfred Enochson. He taught me a lot but some crucial things are still missing (among others Finnish Black Sourdough and Traditional french Baguette).

The last week I have been spending in Paris for Women fashionweek. Friday I went to my favorite baker in Marais: Benjamin Turquire. He just won 2nd place for the best baguette in Paris. AND he speaks English. Who could be a better teacher?

So, tomorrow he promised to teach me. At 3 o’clock we will have baking course and learn how to bake all kinds of french bread, croissants, brioches and of course, baguette. It is not cheap. But I am sure it will be worth it.

Teimaz from Azita in Frankfurt loves the white chocolate bread that they make. Benjamin promised to teach me that too. Teimaz, do you want to trade with me next time? I am sure we can find a way to get this bread to Frankfurt ;) Mitfahrgelegenheit.

Go Fashionweek. Best of two worlds. This is life.

So, all you Bread Exchange traders out there, the up-coming weeks I will be trading French. I hope you’ll like it.


Is it anything you like me to ask Monsieur tomorrow? Think about it, he can answer ANY question you have about baguettes. Send me questions and I make sure to ask him! I have all day.


ElmlidLearning from the master 2

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  1. Elmlid

    Gud, det var grymt. Jag är så fullstoppad med underbara bröd att jag skulle kunna kollapsa. Love. Jag återkommer! Vitt chokladbröd kommer framöver bakar regelbundet i Berlin…

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