Amazing trade

A few days ago I made a great trade at the Bread Exchange. Su already contacted me a while ago offering me a Kim Chi cooking course with her mom. Yes, you read me right;


That is a dream offer since I consume quite a lot of this and I would not say I have been able to make the perfect one yet. Her offer even made me start to re-plan my kitchen. I really need a 2nd fridge for this.

Yesterday I got to try it for the first time. And it tasted delicious. I used it in a leek, squash, cucumber gazpachio together with a tuna sallad.

I have said it before, Kim Chi goes with everything.

The soup is of course easy to make.

  • Cold cooked leek (just cook it with salt and keep it in the fridge. Nice in sallads or just to eat like that with lemon, oil and japanese chili, I think it is called Nanami Togarashi…)
  • Squash
  • Cucumber
  • Fresh mynthe
  • Fresh parsley
  • Salt, pepper

A s topping I used

  • Su’s Kim Chi
  • Tuna Salad
  • Furikake (a japanese mix but you can just as well just use some sesame seed or something)


ElmlidAmazing trade

6 Comments on “Amazing trade”

  1. Su

    your intuition was right – in korea we have separate kimchi fridges (consult wikipedia for that, also david leibovitz for kimchi:). beautiful composition!

  2. jennifer

    just coming back from Korea yesterday with 5kg of my mom’s homemade kimchi!! hehe this post is inspiring and now actually I am thinking to try to make a different things with kimchi. maybe I will try first with your recipe:) me, korean, is too conservative to try different food type with kimchi since it comes with everyday food. I cannot live without kimchi for sure, but didn’t really make any effort to have them in special way. ahhh thanks! :)

  3. Elmlid

    ENVY!!! 5 kg. I think we ladies need to learn to make proper kim chi ourselves!
    I can give you 1000 of ideas what you can do with Kim Chi ;) It goes with everything…
    If you want to, I would love to get some traditional tips too.

  4. jennifer

    when I come to Berlin we can do it together. will let you know next time! or if you have any change to visit Frankfurt, let me know :)

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