Pop up Bakery

The pop up bakery has been in my mind for a while now. Since Gerard and I were baking for our clients at the Paris showroom during fashion week I know that the fashion crowed knows how to appreciate good bread.

If we ignore any hidden agenda the idea is simple. I bake organic sourdough bread according to old traditions and you get to try it.

The suggestions of spaces has been many. Everything from Antwerp to NYC to Amsterdam to London. But to keep things simple the first one ended up being at the Wood Wood store in Berlin.

I would for sure do this again even though a day event means baking all night. I started Friday early morning and at 3am the first 3 Bread were out of the oven. At 11.45 Adeline, Celia and I brought 22 Sourdough breads to the store. I must admit I was been lacking creativety for atleast 5 days after the event.

ElmlidPop up Bakery

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