God Jul

This is the first Christmas that I ever celebrated in my own home. I have put myself in officially in charge of the food planning and picked up favorites from the last weeks travels in Spain, Denmark and the UK. Together with my families favourites from Sweden it will be a feast suitable Berlin. I can not wait until tonight.

Last night we got the Christmas tree. It ended up being a strict pre-war tree with my great grandparents decorations together with the traditional Lauscher kugel that dates back to the 1500. The Christmas tree foot is from 1914 and in a war-restricted metal quality  of such a bad condition that we needed to get a Danish tree that does not need water. But it looks nice.

Now I am off to bake the sourdough bread for tonight. I made the classic one with rosemary. Can not have enough of it :)

I  wish you a very nice Christmas!

ElmlidGod Jul

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  1. Carl-August Oppen

    Hi, I may be totally wrong but while looking trough the contacts of Anndy Veltheim I saw your swedish name and your blog and I do well remember,that I met a swedish woman at Eisenhauer who told me about her food blog ….?! I told you about my web laikit.de, where I am presenting retail shops and new ideas, do you remember?
    If you don`t remember, forget it – and if you are not at Eisenhauer I am def. completely wrong. Anyway it is noticable, that you are very eager and interested about all kinds of food!
    Merry christmas and a succesful and healthy 2010.
    Regards from Carl-August

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