Today is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.

One of the best things with September is for me the Mussels. From the 3rd of September you can get them at your local high quality fish dealer. To be safe I have already reserved 4 kg. My dealer is called Fischladen and located in Schönhausser Allee 128.

Now I am looking forward toward 4 month of mussle madness. I will keep you posted.

Yesterday I started a sourdough with Rosemary too. No mussels without a proper bread (I am in Germany, not in Belgium remember?). Unfortunetly I was a bit slow this morning and I am afraid I gave the dough too much time to play around. The dough was slowly leaving the bowl, climbing down the kitchen wall. Great. We will see how it goes tonight. I might be serving amöba breads.


ElmlidToday is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.

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  1. Daniel

    I remember this one very well. there were about 50 mussle restuarants next to eachother and it took us about 1h to decide which one to go to. they were all about the same but we chose the best one!

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