Raindear Ruben Sandwich

This is from my Ruben Sandwich from monday night. My American Dad William Davis used to make the best Ruben. In Berlin you can get proper ones at Barcomi’s. But they are not like the ones served by the Davis’.

So, this is my version:

  • 4 thin slices of bread that you like.  A darker one is better. Rye bread is great. Last night I used Dinkel with a bit of fennel. Toast them or heat in the pan and scratch a wedge of garlic to get the taste.
  • 150 gram Rain dear. Made with butter in the pan. Spice with some fresh chili, salt and pepper.
  • 0,5 dl Kimchi
  • 0,5 dl Sauerkraut. Pre-mix the Saurkraut with Kimchi.
  • Chanterelle. Made with butter, Garlic and Parsley in the pan.
  • Some slices of cheese that you like. I used a hard goat cheese from Värmland. But a old Gruyère would be nice too.

Add all ingredients on between 2 pieces of Bread. Cheese towards the bread.

Press together and heat well in a pan. I liked it a lot even though Dad let me know by sms that he was skeptic towards the idea.


ElmlidRaindear Ruben Sandwich

6 Comments on “Raindear Ruben Sandwich”

  1. Jenn

    this is very interesting! I’ve never seen or tasted the Sauerkraut kimchi even I am a korean! ohh, vary curious. also, I am amazed by your sandwich idea mit kimchi. will try soon!
    the other day, I was talking to my mom back home and asked her recipe from my grandma. she said most important thing is the proper salt and soaking time. this is also very interesting :D

  2. Elmlid

    Hi Jenn,
    Yes, the combo Korean KimChi and German Sauerkraut was stunning!
    Your mom is very right with the salt. My first KimChi project got way too Salty. The 2nd try got too fishy so I will have to watch out for the fish sauce next time. I will get back with recepie soon. Looking forward to get you inside knowledge on it then!

  3. Su

    to which brand belongs this kimchi? looks a bit weird to me but i would give it a go–

  4. Elmlid

    I think it was a bit weird too :) It was a local organic brand from Värmland in Sweden and I would really not go so far and call it Kimchi. It was more like some kind of spicy German sourkraut. But I liked it. I think the best result you would get if you chop up and mix your Kim Chi with some german sourkraut. I will try that this fall.
    All the best,

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