miss Elmlid is going to the Forest

I need a Break. I need to get far far away where only the most important business calls can reach me. You will find me at an address that barely Google Maps could dig out for me. I am excited!

I suppose different places are relaxing for different people. For me cities was always the best places to reload my batteries. A normal perfect holiday to me is a combination of

  • City
  • History (well, most of the time you can find a good story)
  • Water
  • Learning something new.

Therefore will this holiday be extra interesting. I am truely leaving this time. We will see what I will find. And what I will learn.WP_Höje

Elmlidmiss Elmlid is going to the Forest

4 Comments on “miss Elmlid is going to the Forest”

  1. Andreas Larsson

    So I started my own sour dough. Like you, Malin, I take refuge in the forest – there’s somethig about October that makes me crawl back home and get hands on. The dough, yes. Rye flour and water in a big jar – next stop funny smell.

  2. Elmlid

    And how is it going? Any fun smells? Did you only use flour and Water? I started mine with Apples. My friend Gerard started his with rhubarb and Yoghurt, which sounds very nice to me.

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  4. Elmlid

    Andreas, this was 5 years ago. And now we just translated my book about this journey. How cool is that?

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