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  1. Monika Müller

    dear malin,

    today i read about your bread in an article in the german ZEIT from january 2014. It sounded interesting so i opened your Website. i read that once you have been in Nürnberg where i live. there you wanted to bake bread but something with the oven didn’t go well.
    I’m working in Gostenhof and we have there a big kitchen. I myself am not a good cook but i could organize the kitchen for you if you let me know that you are coming.
    it seems to me that you don’t only bake bread and give it away (like it was written in the ZEIT) but you want to bring People and cultures together. That’s a good idea!

  2. Elmlid

    Hi Monika,
    Yes, that is right. The bread is for me just a door opener, but a fairly good one since it is so boundless!
    Thank You for your offer. So funny, we actually have a flat in Gostenhof and since then I can bake there too. However, since the summer and the book tour I have been most of the time in Berlin. But when I bake in Nürnberg again, I will for sure drop you a note!

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