échange de bons procédés

Today, Friday, I have be baked bread for a Gallery opening in Berlin. I will bake the most simple kind with just flour water and salt. They will be serving it with the raw milk butter.

For you I have been baking 2 different kinds of Bread:

1) Half Dinkel Half White. It is still a white bread but it has the nutty flavor of Dinkel. The crust is made with Sage. The Dinkel is from a small mill in the Allgäu village “Dinkelsbühl”.

2) Bavarian Beer bread with Apricot. Still using the Weizen beer I traded in Buttenheim, hometown of Levi Strauss, for a pair of jeans).

Just let me know if you want it and it is yours. I can trade in Mitte until Lunch or later in Prenzlauerberg.

email is malin@elmlid.com


Picture by Fred Bschaden in München. Thank you!

Elmlidéchange de bons procédés

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