Guten Morgen prettiest of Villages

May I borrow one of you ovens?

Rothenburg ob deer Tauber does not seem to be a very openminded place. I have no luck today.


ElmlidGuten Morgen prettiest of Villages

2 Comments on “Guten Morgen prettiest of Villages”

  1. carolina

    Hi, I follow your blog and I always like your photos as well as the colouring and I was wondering… which camera do you use and do you photoshop them or how do you obtain that greenish filter? thanks!

  2. Elmlid

    Hi Carolina,
    Thank you for your comment! I sometimes use my iphone but most of the time my Leica D-lux4. As you are saying I am working them a lot in Photoshop too to get the painted feeling.

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