Scones to trade today!

I have been up since 6AM baking scones. This morning the US Magazine Food and Wine from  had pictures shoot at my home.

I made 3 different kinds:

* Canded Kumquats, carrot and raisin Scones
* Choc Chip Scones with Seville Oranges
* Raspberry Scones

Now I am stuck with an insane amount of bread. Please trade with me. I also have 4 walnut sourdoughs ready to be picked up in Mitte from anytime soon! Preferably at Soho house. I will spend my lunch break on the cross trainer. The scones were soooo GOOD!

To make sure you get the bread as fast as possible, please send a mail to


ElmlidScones to trade today!

2 Comments on “Scones to trade today!”

  1. Eva

    Oh Malin, ich wäre gerade SO gerne in Berlin! Schade, dass man nicht auf Düfte bloggen kann, denn ich bin sicher, die Scones riechen so toll, wie sie aussehen… Herzliche Grüße!

  2. Nico

    Die sehen wirklich lecker aus! Ach, wär ich grad nur in Berlin. Aber ich sag’s mal an die Freunde in der Heimat weiter. Vielleicht meldet sich ja einer dann bei dir…

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