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Genetic love for wood carving

My grand father loved to carve wood. As a hobby. My father and his sisters are left with beautiful mirrors, beds, bread baskets butter knives, christmas santas, lamps, rocking horses and just funny details. And his beautiful hand carved latter, perfect for me and my cousins to get really high up into the cherry trees.

My grand father, Erik, came from Småland. In fact, he was born just a village away from where Astrid Lindgrens story about the character Emil from Lönneberga is taking place. Emil was a so called “naughty boy” who never ment to harm anyone but always got into trouble. Locked into a shed he spend his time carving.

This is a mirror my grandfather made, now hanging in a house on the swedish countryside.  I know he would have loved to make me a bread shovel too. He passed away years ago, at age 96.

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