Last chance to order the Swedish book with a bread bag!

Every book ordered on my blog will come with a limited produced Bread Bag which is printed and has been sewn up for this occasion.

A Bread Bag is an old way of storing bread, similar to simply folding it into a cloth. Back in the old days the bread bags were hanging on every mans wall, keeping the bread fresh and protected from the mice. Now you can have your own for your kitchen! Only sold here on the blog.

My Publisher

When the US publisher Chronicle books approached me in 2012 I was a bit reluctant. I knew their books, but not the company. I started to call everyone I knew with any kind of connection in the business to check them out.

My thought was “If I was going to do a book, it should be about the people making this project and then the publisher is just as important.” I always try to choose a cooperation partner who’s values I can stand for. Not only will the publisher promote you. If things goes as they should YOU will at one point also promote your publisher.

Let me introduce to you Lorena and Vanessa.

Cooking by the shoreline

When you go sailing you get chronically hungry. And out on the ocean, food tastes better than ever. Bad food however, will always taste crap – at sea and everywhere else. An easy rule to minimize conflicts on the boat: Only go sailing with people that know how to appreciate your efforts of putting good food on the table*.

Need some more summer this year?

I can really recommend this favorite hide away from last year.

Yup, it is me.

This week Esprit is launching their Fall Winter Campaign. The whole idea around the campaign is to feature women who are passionate about what they do.

You can read more about the campaign here.

SIGN UP TODAY! Book Event in Berlin

The Berlin Delicacy store Goldhahn & Sampson will be hosting an event on The Bread Exchange in time of the book release in November. I will be talking about Bread and my journey and we will be testing recipes from the book! The space is limited to  25 people so hurry up getting your ticket.

To take part in the evening, please sign up for the event directly with Goldhahn & Sampson here!

Boat Bunnies 

Sailing demands clear roles and hierarchy.  “Boat Bunny” might sound like a degrading term, but really, if you ask me, every boat with self respect should have a Boat Bunny – someone that cares for the boat’s well being.

In former days it used to be a gallionsfigure, or ship head. This figure, carved out of wood in the front of the boat, was supposed to protect the ship from bad spirits.

The Perfect summer cafe

There are many small and pretty garden cafes along the coast is Småland. Well, there are many pretty garden cafes in Småland in general.  Often they are hidden behind walls and to enter them is like entering a secret garden with a “wow…”.

A perfect summer cafe should be a bit wild. You should feel invited to sit in the grass and lean your back on a tree reading a good book with your plate of cake next to you. This is the story of one of my favorite summer cafes. AND they are sharing their amazing cake recipe with us here!



I bumped into Benny on midsummer 2010. And his first comment to me was “Oh you are the Lady making the best bread I ever ate” and “I told my friend that I’m gonna marry this girl”.


I have always been amazed with how open people in NY can be about sharing their network- an attitude that we in Europe could learn from.


It started of with a classic bread trade. 4 years ago Laura offered to compose the dream cake for my birthday. What do you like? she asked.


When I started working on my book I knew I wanted something by Kheira in there. I offered my apartment in exchange for a drawing since I knew she loves to come back to Berlin from time to time.