Bread Exchange for Brunch

The US Food magazine Food and Wine is in Berlin to do a story this week. They will join me for Brunch this weekend. I would love to trade some of your favorites Breakfast accessories to offer them. Things that you like with your Bread. Spreads, dips, cheese or whatever you can think of. Maybe your fav. dish from home. … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange for Brunch

Spring Breaks

Saturday sun in Kreuzberg with the Fee.

ElmlidSpring Breaks

“Invest in a House Keeper

It is the key to taking care of yourself. And is worth every Penny.” I agree with you Sarah Berry. You have a very inspirational blog. And very much thank you for the nice words!

Elmlid“Invest in a House Keeper

so nice to be home

The heavy raining makes the sound of my street even louder. It sounds like a wild river outside the window. I will sleep like a baby.

Elmlidso nice to be home

Dear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!

At the morning Yoga on the beach I met Rachel from Bournemouth. She is a 60 something Lady who travels the world since her husband William passed away 7 years ago. It has been really inspiring talking to her. We have been hanging out taking 4 hour long breakfasts and discussing life. There is something about old ladies that continues … Read More

ElmlidDear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!


Maybe someone wanted to tell me that I need to relax more. Now I will for sure relax. I will continue reading my book about Hatschepsut, the female Pharao. And practice some basic Arabic writing. And dive in the Red Sea. And maybe chill a little bit. ———————————– By the way, I think Hatschepsut was the princess that found Moses.


إن شاء الله

Yesterday my horse got scared and fell. On my foot. I did not notice the sprain until I got of the horse 4 hours later that night. So no more riding for me. I would say “shit happens”. But “Insha Allah” is just way more positive. Or maybe I should say “Masha’ Allah”? No, “Insha Allah” is probably the right … Read More

Elmlidإن شاء الله

Where Manna falls from Heaven

Even though I am not at all religious, I feel close to it somehow. Being in Sinai freshens up my memories from Sunday School when I was a kid.  The stories of Joseph (son of Jacob and Rachel). Of Abraham and Sarah who counted the stars in the desert to see how many children they would get. And Moses of … Read More

ElmlidWhere Manna falls from Heaven