Two insults in one?

Today we will be cooking Banan Flower for Lunch. “Very good for weight reduction, Madame!” “Oh really?? Thank You very much.” Regardless of any French language  reforms I still do not see myself being in the age of a Madame yet. Anyhow. Isn’t it pretty? I can not wait!

ElmlidTwo insults in one?

Fruitsalad on a cake

About a year ago I was having a lot of girls over. I decided to make a completely sweet evening, which is not really my style. There was a lot of cakes, rum shrub soaked desserts and cookies. And I remember I ended up serving half of the compost cookies un-baked. Just as it should be. Cookiedough is just to … Read More

ElmlidFruitsalad on a cake

Perfect combination

I have a new taste obsession. It is called papaya and cinnamon. Do you know that feeling? When you bump into something and wonder “why did I not do this before?” In fact, I have eaten this before, I like putting cinnamon and ginger on both papaya and Grapefruit. But that was probably 2 years ago. Now, I found it … Read More

ElmlidPerfect combination

1001 stories has been told

Tonight we reached the number 1001. That is a lot of Bread Exchange stories. One for every trade. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Elmlid1001 stories has been told

Bread Exchange in Berlin

Towards the weekend I will bake bread. Just send a mail to or comment here and I bake a bread for you! —————————- Found this little clip the other day: Stefanie, I love your idea of how to present your favorite books! And your hands are lovely too. You are not wearing FIRE from Chanel, are you? [vimeo][/vimeo]

ElmlidBread Exchange in Berlin

Essen und Trinken

Bread Exchange in the April issue of the German food Magazine “Essen und Trinken”. Thank you for your kind words! ————————————– “What is a Bread worth” is a very interesting topic, and I am glad you are bringing it up. To pay a fair price is no proof of quality but who are we kidding when we think that low … Read More

ElmlidEssen und Trinken

Sometimes we get sick.

When I was sick as a kid and had to stay home from school I used to dress myself in shirt and jeans as I concidered the cosy outfit my parents suggested was like a visual reminder that I was not on with full force. To accept that you are sick is sometimes a harder task than to make your … Read More

ElmlidSometimes we get sick.

The Time is flying. It seems like my life came in between. I will be back soon. —————————– Until then I suggest to try the following dish: Boiled egg, potatoe and Green sauce from Frankfurt. An excellent spring dish before the Asparagus is showing up. Does anyone of you Frankfurters out there have a recipe for Grüne Sausse  to share? We … Read More


before you fall asleep

Last day of Summer was exactly 6 month ago. I think it is time to call the winter over. When we wake up tomorrow it will be the first day of spring. —————————– Since I was asked: The top is a reproduction of a Levi’s ladies underwear from year 1919. Made by Levi’s Vintage .

Elmlidbefore you fall asleep