Belgium, here we come!

It is about time. I have not been to Belgium since November and I feel that it is itching a bit. I just need to go. Inspiration and mussels in Antwerp. And early morning Fleemarkets and vintage shopping in Brussels. Maybe a short sprawl in the park of the African Museum? Two days is all I need. And I can … Read More

ElmlidBelgium, here we come!

Bread Exchange on German TV

To express myself soft; I was shit nervous. And I am almost just as nervous to see the result of the studio recording. On wednesday night I am interviewed on German Television, Deutsche Welle. The show, “Insight Germany”, is broadcasted outside of Germany on Wednesday 6.15pm. Yes, the German TV Channel Deutsche Welle can be watched everywhere in the world. And, … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange on German TV

Frankfurter Grüne Soße

A few days ago Eva traded a jar of fresh home made Frankfurt Green Sauce with me for a loaf of Mulberry Bread. The sauce is a classic from west Germany and is served during the spring. I love it with some apple wine. Eva was kind enough to share the recipe with me. And here it is: The 7 … Read More

ElmlidFrankfurter Grüne Soße

Fashionable Bread Week

Today we are  reaching the peak day. There are 3 kind of bread coming up today. One newcomer and two classics: Mulberry bread baked with water, flour and British sea salt. Dior Shaded Sourdough with Sage crust. Bake with water, flour and French sea salt. Buttenheim Beer Sourdough with Apricots and Hazelnuts. Baked with Beer from Levi Strauss hometown Buttenheim. Let … Read More

ElmlidFashionable Bread Week

Bread for the Press Days

It is Press Days in Berlin. And, regardless of what people say, the Fashion Business is still eating Bread. The Swedish brand ACNE just send me a bike currier to pick up their fresh baked Mulberry bread for their roof top grill party. The perfect Swedish color matching is just a coincident. ———————————– I am still baking tomorrow. Let me … Read More

ElmlidBread for the Press Days

The Mulberry Bread

Bread Exchange is baking again and I can not wait to introduce the new member of my Sourdough family: The Bread of Mulberry. I expect it to be the most fashionable bread since the Dior Shaded Bread was introduced in December 2010. It is baked with Mulberries, Water, Organic Wheat Flour and, of course, Brittish Sea Salt. Let me know if … Read More

ElmlidThe Mulberry Bread

A ship comes loaded

So, back from the holidays and guess what I brought? Yes, that is correct; Food- The best souvenir there is. I wish I could give you a description of the goods but unfortunately I do not know the name of most of the vegetables. What I do know is that The cucumber I am bringing has an insane bitter taste … Read More

ElmlidA ship comes loaded

the M-I-M cake

I am still locked into the Ayurveda Spa in Sri Lanka. I am saying locked in since I have received some hair oil that forces me to stay calm and chill in the shadow. It is no torture to be here, not at all, I am really enjoying the early morning yoga and  the hours of amazing massage. I wake … Read More

Elmlidthe M-I-M cake

there is no catastrophe with a warning

I am still on Sri Lanka and at Lunch time the message on the wire came: Earth quake in the indian ocean. The locals well remembered the Tsunami in 2004 but this time things would probably have turned out very differently as the warning came early and people, kind of,  knew what to do. Everyone was informed in time and … Read More

Elmlidthere is no catastrophe with a warning

Happy Easter!

Some one really made an effort for me today. The colors ar perfect for the season. Yellow flowers and Purple Lotus. It felt like diving into a huge easter egg. —————————————– I am not so found of taking baths in a bathtub. Maybe one can tell.

ElmlidHappy Easter!