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the Bread Exchange in French

The Bread Exchange in Berlin. As Bobo as it gets. I like it.

This is the film about the Bread Exchange on French Canal +.

I do not understand the synchronization at all but it does sound funny.  It almost look better in French, don’t you think? I like the fact that David in the movie does speak French (he is Belgian). Have to smile when I hear another french voice speaking his words.

Once again, Thank you Alexandra, Damien and Manon for this movie!


  1. Posted March 5, 2013 at 22:04 | #

    mmh – that bread looks delicious! what exactly is it?

  2. Posted March 6, 2013 at 08:13 | #

    Hm… I do not remember exactly what I made. And now it all is in french and I do not understand what I am saying ether..

    I think I made Dior Shaded Bread with white belgian Chocolate (the grey one).

  3. Posted March 9, 2013 at 20:14 | #

    just watched it. Amazing, I enjoyed it a lot:)

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